How this works – Give Me Your Best Price

This ‘Reverse EBAY’ style auction service is free.

Step 1:

Create a login by registering your details and answering a few questions about your power usage  (this takes about 90 seconds).

Step 2:

In a few days,  we launch your auction for you and put it out to all the energy retailers (don’t worry, they cannot view your personal details,  only your username and post code)

Step 3: 

Your auction runs for 10 business days.  Feel free to log back in and watch the retailers go to battle against each other and continue to undercut each other’s bids.

Step 4:

The LOWEST winning bidder receives your contact details.  They will contact you and honor the price they bid.  It is your choice to accept their offer.   At NO time are you obligated to accept their winning bid.


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