About – Give Me Your Best Price

We are tired of seeing WHOPPING energy bills !!!

Does this happen to you?

You ring up your power company and threaten to leave, and the MIRACULOUSLY come up with another 10% off to get you to stay. Where was this deal when you originally signed up?

Prices keep going up and up.

A small group of savvy mates in Central Victoria have come up with a solution. Forget the comparison sites. We have created a ‘Reverse’ EBAY site. You simply throw up your power consumption needs, and let retailers go to war against each other, bidding lower and lower to win your business.

At the end of the auction, the winner (lowest bidder) receives your contact details to personally honor their bid. You are not locked into anything….you can choose to accept or refuse the offer.

…..And the best bit? This is a free service for YOU. This auction costs you nothing. Oh, and we actually respect your personal information and will NOT disclose you details to ANYONE, other than the winning bidder.

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